Remote Desktop Plus 6.0

Once again a major update. Lots of new stuff and still packed in less than 250 KB. Hope you like it. 🙂

Change log:

  • NEW: Added an option to set default options through the registry. Visit the main page for more information.
  • NEW: Added the ability to specify a custom amount of seconds before disconnecting when using /disconnect.
  • NEW: Added the /register command line parameter to register the .rdpc file extension for command files (@file). This allows you to pin RDP+ to the start menu or taskbar and use command files as shortcuts. Also adds rdp.exe to the Windows search path.
  • NEW: Added the ability to put comment lines in command files by starting the line with a semi-colon.
  • NEW: Added the /fav command line parameter which allows you to start favorites straight from the command line.
  • NEW: Added a button to the Favorites Manager to create desktop shortcuts of favorites.
  • NEW: Added the /pos command line parameter to set the starting position of the session window. You can use either /pos:center to place the window in the center of the screen, or coordinates (/pos:5,15).
  • NEW: Added /register and /pos to the supported parameters for use with the default options (through both environment variable and registry).
  • NEW: When the tray icon is closed and RDP+ was set to autoload the tray, the tray will automatically be loaded again the first time you start a new RDP+ session.
  • NEW: Added support for regular expressions in the /allowed option. Enclose the regular expressions in parentheses to have RDP+ detect them as a regular expression, Example: /allowed:”10.10.*, (nl(app|db)\d{2}(%USERDNSDOMAIN%|))”.
  • NEW: Added the /listallowed parameter. This allows you to specify a list of allowed computers (no wildcards of regular expressions), which will convert the editable computer textbox in the GUI to a listbox with only the allowed computers listed.  For example: /listallowed:nlapp01,nlapp02,nlapp03.
  • NEW: Added the /ontop parameter. This will set the Remote Desktop session window to be always on top and will disable the minimize button. Together with /noclose, this could for example be used for students when you want to force them to stay working in the session.
  • NEW: Removed/disabled the close and minimize button when running as the shell.
  • UPDATE: Updated the Group Policy templates with options to force the /listallowed and /ontop options.
  • FIX: Fixed an issue with RDP+ not properly detecting itself as running as the shell on certain HP thinclients.
  • FIX: Fixed some issues with quotes and double quotes in localized texts in the Help screen.
  • FIX: Many other minor changes and improvements.

The new version can be downloaded here.
Updated Group Policy templates and language files can be found here.


Remote Desktop Plus 5.0

It’s been a while in the making, but here it is. 🙂
Another major update, with lots of new features.

Change log:

  • Added the ability to import and export profiles and favorites.
  • Favorites and the favorites manager can now be started from within the GUI (using the Connect button).
  • Added the option to save profiles using less strict security, to support roaming usage.
  • When run as a replacement shell, a Shutdown button will be shown in the GUI for shutting down, restarting or logging off the computer.
  • Added foreign language support through the use of language files. Visit the main page for more information.
  • Added a blank instance of Remote Desktop Plus to the tray icon menu.
  • You can now specify multiple command files in the command line.
  • When a profile contains a blank or no password, the user will be prompted to provide one, after which it will be saved to the profile.
  • Created a companion tool RDPProfile for creating profiles from the command line. For more information, see this page.
  • Added the option /eventlog for writing session information to the Windows application event log.
  • Added support for /eventlog to both the environment variable and the Group Policies.
  • Added the option /disconnect to automatically disconnect the session after 10 seconds.
  • Pimped the look of the profile and favorites managers.
  • Many other minor changes and improvements.

The new version can be downloaded here.
Updated Group Policy templates can be found here.


Upcoming release

Hi all,

I’ve been really busy at work lately, so it’s been a while since the last version was released. But I just wanted to let you know this project is not dead yet. In fact, a new version is in the works! 🙂

Coming up for the new release are for example: Language localization, support for writing session information to the event log, a shutdown button when running RDP+ as the shell, and launching and managing favorites from the main GUI.

So stay tuned and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody!



Foreign language support?

Hi everybody,

I’ve noticed a lot of visitors and downloaders access this site through Google Translate. One of the things I’ve been thinking about for a/the next version was adding support for other languages than just English, and those visits only strengthen this idea. This will mean some rewriting however, so first I want to know if there’s any demand for it at all. So please let me know if you’re interested in running RDP+ in your own language. And if you’re willing to help translate all the dialogs and messages and if so, for what language. The Dutch version I can do myself. 🙂



Remote Desktop Plus 4.0

This is a major update, with lots of changes and code rewrites. If you find any problems, please report them.

Change log:

  • Added a system tray icon for managing and launching favorites, and quickly switching to already active Remote Desktop sessions. It also has an option to set the tray icon to be loaded automatically when you start your computer.
  • Added the option /tray and keyboard shortcut CTRL+T for launching the system tray icon.
  • Added a favorites manager and a profile manager.
  • You can now use \% in the /o parameter for literal %-signs.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate .rdp files when starting multiple sessions (near) simultaneously.
  • You can now add .rdp file style options seperately in the command file (@file) without preceding them with /o. This also allows you to use the command file as a kind of master/template .rdp file.
  • Enhanced the /t option to allow a timeout value for connecting to the remote computer. This can be useful for slow responding computers. For example, /t:8 will make RDP+ try to connect to the computer for 8 seconds before timing out.
  • Added /tray and /t to the options which can be set through the RDP environment variable.
  • When using a startup program (/start), and no working directory is set in the .rdp file or through /o:”shell working directory:s:xxxx”, RDP+ will now by default try to set the working directory for that program to the program’s location.
  • Many other minor changes and improvements.

The new version can be downloaded here.
Updated Group Policy templates can be found here.

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