Just to let everybody know RDP+ is not dead yet. 🙂
I’ve been incredibly busy at work the last couple of months and haven’t had the time or energy to spend much (as in: any) time on RDP+. But a new version is coming!
This one will add support for URI for example (rdp://

Also, today McAfee started tagging rdp.exe as Artemis!F9BA2ADF3355. According to the McAfee site:
"Artemis (or McAfee ‘Global Threat Intelligence’ technology) is the enhanced heuristic detection component of McAfee SecurityCenter’s virus protection module. It works by adding an extra layer to the detection engine, but instead of just detecting something it actually "calls home" to the virus database to double-check before labelling something as a possible threat." 

This is a false positive of course. I’ve submitted a request to correct this, but it may take some time to process.