It’s been a long time, but here it finally is… ūüôā

Change log:

  • NEW: You can now set *any* slashed option as a default with the environment variable or the registry. If needed, you can negate the options you set using /-. For example: To negate the option /title:"Some title", you can specify /-title¬†in the command line.
  • NEW: Added the option /-* to negate all options previously set through any of the means available. Any option after the /-* will be processed again. For example: /-* /fit. You could use this in published instances¬†for example, to make sure the session will start with exactly the parameters you want,¬†by¬†overruling those set by the user.
  • NEW: Added the option /fo (failover). This option is similar to the /lb¬†(loadbalance) option. When specifying multiple target computers¬†and /fo, RDP+ will try to connect to the first target. If it fails to connect, it will try to connect to the second one, and so on.
  • NEW: Added some multimonitor support for RDP+ itself. It will now launch on the active monitor and will default the /mon option to the same monitor.
  • NEW: You can now add other command line parameters when launching favorites from the command line. For example: rdp /fav:"Remote Support" /noprinters /-log.
  • NEW: RDP+ will now prevent having its temporary .rdp files being added to the recently used items in the Jump List for Remote Desktop Connection.
  • NEW: You can now press F1 in the system tray context menu to activate tooltips. These will show the command line of the favorites.
  • NEW: Instead of the ‘binary’ kiosk mask (/kiosk:100), you can now also use the letters representing the field you want enabled: c(omputer), u(ser) and/or p(assword). For example: /kiosk:c or /kiosk:cup. With this mask, the order of the letters is irrelevant.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug with launching favorites from the command line when the favorite had options with quotes and spaces in them.
  • Many¬†other minor changes and improvements.

The new version can be downloaded here.

I’ve stopped maintaining the language template files, but you’re still free to update them yourself.

Now also available for download is an MSI package for easy deployment through whatever sofware distribution mechanism you like.
This package will…

  • … install the main executable for RDP+¬†the Program Files folder.
  • … include the¬†rdp.exe.config file for use on systems with only .NET Framework 4.0 or higher installed.
  • … put a¬†shortcut in the Start Menu.
  • … register the .rdpc file extension for RDP+¬†command¬†files.
  • … add a ‘Connect with Remote Desktop Plus’ context menu to servers in the network browser.