A minor update with some fixes and some new options.

Change log:

  • NEW: Added the variable $PROGRAMTITLE$, which will contain the value given for /programtitle. Can be used with /title if you want to reuse (parts of) your preferred title. Example: /programtitle:"Web servers" /title:"$PROGRAMTITLE$ – $COMPUTERNAME$".
  • NEW: You can now also put defaults in a file Default.rdpc in your Documents folder, similar to Remote Desktop Connection’s own Default.rdp.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug where the client under certain conditions would log you out when starting RemoteApps.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug where in kiosk mode, the tray icon would show the fully optioned context menu instead of the simplified one.
  • Some minor other changes and improvements.

The new version can be downloaded here.
A new example language file can be found here.