After a hiatus that lasted way too long, finally a new update. Lots of new stuff and a new look, but also some early spring cleaning of obscure options.

Change log:

  • NEW: Changed the logo and icon to a more modern look. Also pimped the system tray and dialogs somewhat.
  • NEW: Added support for URI links. You can now launch RDP+ using hyperlinks with support for all command line parameters (rdp://server/?i=profile&noprinters&fit=90%). Use /register to enable support for URIs. See the main page for more information.
  • NEW: Added support for launching sessions using the single sign-on provided by CredSSP (command line: /sso). Please note CredSSP SSO only works when all conditions are met. See the main page for more information.
  • NEW: Added the option for using the current monitor (command line: /mon:current). Resolutions will automatically be adjusted according to the currently active monitor.
  • NEW: Added numbers to the active sessions in the context menu, so you can switch to a session by typing the number.
  • NEW: Added the options /programtitle and /programicon. These enable you to change the title and icon of the RDP+ GUI. When using the kiosk mode, /programtitle will also be used for the text in the banner of the GUI.
  • NEW: Added an option to ‘pin’ computer names in the MRU of RDP+. When a computer is pinned, it will not be removed from the MRU, even when the maximum number of entries has been reached. Pinning computers can be done through the Favorites editor.
  • NEW: Added a simple update check function. You can access it through the system menu of the title bar. No autochecking or auto-updating.
  • NEW: Added the option /rdgateway to specify a Remote Desktop Gateway server.
  • NEW: Added the option /cb to specify a Remote Desktop Connection Broker.
  • NEW: Added the variable $PROGRAMDIR$, which will be expanded to the location of the rdp.exe executable. Can be used in any parameter referencing a file location. Example: /log:$PROGRAMDIR$\Logs\session.log.
  • NEW: Added the variable $FAVORITE$, which will be expanded to the name of the favorite used to launch the session (if applicable). Supported in /title.
  • NEW: Sped up the launching of favorites and of switching to active sessions.
  • NEW: When using /allowed or /listallowed, you can now also use files to read the servers from. For example: /listallowed:@serverlist.txt.
  • NEW: When used as a shell, RDP+ will return to the GUI after the session has closed instead of logging off.
  • NEW: Added the option /gui:loop. This will make RDP+ always return to the GUI after the session has been closed.
  • NEW: You can now also close the system tray using the system menu or by pressing CTRL+T.
  • UPDATE: The minimum required .NET version for RDP+ is now .NET Framework 4.0.
  • UPDATE: The /encrypt option will no longer display a button in the GUI. Instead it will be added as an option in the system menu of the title bar.
  • UPDATE: Added more information about shortcut keys and available internal variables in the help screen.
  • UPDATE: Rewrote the localization support, so it will be easier to maintain.
  • REMOVED: Left-clicking on the system tray icon will no longer display the context menu.
  • REMOVED: The Group Policy option for the simple tray has been removed.
  • REMOVED: The option for launching Favorites straight from the Favorites editor has been removed.
  • REMOVED: Removed the Ctrl+P shortcut in the GUI.
  • FIX: Fixed the logging of timestamps when using RDP+ on Remote Desktop or Citrix servers with clients in a different timezone.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug when using the backslash in profile names.
  • Many other changes and improvements.

The new version can be downloaded here.
Updated Group Policy templates and a new example language file can be found here.

Note: Because of the rewrite of the localization support, the old XML files won’t work anymore. You’ll have to create new ones based on the new format.