You can use the command line tools on this page to help with generating encrypted passwords for use with the /pe command line switch or creating credential profiles.

Gencrypt: Generate encrypted passwords from the command line

This companion tool allows you to generate encrypted passwords in bulk, to be used in conjunction with the /pe command line switch.

Its usage is pretty straightforward:

C:>gencrypt /p:P@sswordExample!
Encrypted password: zUAp8pQzKsvnxD4jYxNUKcR1J0H/KTO92ch1x8M8MaNwkAr5ya7PxA==

The output can be piped or redirected to whatever you want. Please note that it has a builtin delay of 2 seconds after each password, to prevent it from being used for a brute force ‘reverse engineering’ of passwords. This shouldn’t be a problem for normal scripted use however.
Starting with version 1.4, you can now also generate the password in the .rdp file hash format instead of the default encrypted format by using the option /hash. You could use this option to generate your own .rdp file for example. Please keep in mind however that – unlike with the encrypted password – the generated hash password only works for the user which ran the command and only on the computer it was generated on.

C:>gencrypt /p:P@sswordExample! /hash
password 51:b:01000000D08C9DDF0115D1118C7A00C04FC297EB010000008900A24423398E4EA9EE2994EDDAD7CB0000000002000000000
Remote Desktop Plus

Gencrypt 1.6 for Remote Desktop Plus

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RDPProfile: Create profiles from the command line

You can use the companion tool RDPProfile to create Remote Desktop Plus profiles from the command line. This can be useful if you want to pre-populate some profiles for your end-users.

RDPProfile supports a number of command line switches:
rdpprofile /profile:profilename /u:user [/p[:password] | /pe[:encrypted_password]] [/global] [/default] [/y | /-y]

/profile:profilename The name of the profile to create or modify.
/u:username The username to be used for logging in to the specified computer.
/p:password For automatic logon, specify the password for the user.
/pe:encrypted_password Specifies an encrypted password for enhanced security.
/global Save the profile using less strict security (for roaming use).
/default Set the profile as the default profile.
/y Overwrite the profile if it already exists
/-y Do not overwrite the profile if it already exists.


C:>rdpprofile /profile:Administrator /u:DONKZAdministrator /pe:azxb7hpAA5Nzn7+HFrfaTA== /global
Profile Administrator already exists. Do you want to overwrite it (Y/N)? y
Profile created.

Note: If you leave out the password, RDP+ will ask for one the first time the profile is used, even from the command line:

Remote Desktop Plus

RDPProfile 1.2 for Remote Desktop Plus

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